Block Making Machine Market Development In China

2012-12-05 09:10:32

 At present the national current tile enterprise 120000, covers an area of 6000 hectares, earth 1.43 billion cubic meters, destroyed 1.2 million acres of land, Its production energy consumption every year about 60 million tons of BiaoMei.
Every year, for the production of wall material production energy consumption and energy consumption of the heating energy consumption of the total in China is over 15% of the total; In addition sintered clay brick production process of carbon dioxide a year 170 million tons, adding to a city of acid rain and the formation of the greenhouse effect.
National wall to do requirements in 2010 the national all city banned the use of clay brick, and at the same time, strictly limited vitrified brick project.
The birth of automatic hydraulic block molding machine, makes the automatic batch production provides equipment guarantee. Our country in the turn of the century began to appear the introduction of foreign equipment baking-free brick production line, with the domestic automatic hydraulic block molding machine research and development success, domestic began to appear a large number of using industrial waste residue waste production baking-free brick production line. Due to the automatic hydraulic Machine equipment research and development is difficult, with high technical content, the current domestic production of automatic hydraulic Machine enterprise is not much, therefore, Block Making Machine in our country has a large market.

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