Brief introduction of straw briquette machine is widely used

2013-03-01 10:55:28
block making machine widely used in the maize straw, cotton bar, cob, wheat straw, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shell, branches, leaves, sawdust and crops, etc. General secretary hu jintao explicitly pointed out that, to strengthen the development and utilization of renewable energy is to address the increasingly serious energy and environmental problems, but also the only way of sustainable development of human society.
block making machine produce straw block to overcome the straw itself volume, light weight, easy to use, such as fire and snow outside conditions affect weaknesses, meet the requirements of commercialization. Corn, beans straw are used for pressing feed, called ruminant animal "compression biscuit", also can use straw briquette for fuel, block making machine  more widely. In the pressing feed is to pay attention to raw material can not mildew to change, the big area but also pay attention to the dust, briquetting after should pay attention to air dry make humidity to below 15%. Pressed fuel can be relatively simple some, need not consider mildew and dust problems.
At present feed market outlook is still very large, because a large part of the raisers in cognitive process, along with the briquetting feed industry to expand, there will be more and more farmers use compact feed, can fundamentally change the breeding industry DongChu feed traditional practices, so as to make this a straw briquette commodity chains from production to consumption more heavy more fluid.
Biomass fuel industry due to the intervention of biomass power generation demand is huge, with the development of industry and improvement of briquette fuel will be leading the biomass fuel. This is because the unit volume combustion value higher, the raw material yard will reduce, fire rating will reduce. Straw briquette forming fuel block in China is the first industrialized production is the implementation of the project, form of social benefit, ecological environmental protection benefit is huge, the adjustment of agricultural structure to increase farmers' income has practical significance, therefore has the broad application prospect.

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