Block Making Machine In The Cause Of The Vibration

2012-11-27 09:46:41

Block Making Machine in the work may cause shock, if long-term vibration will cause the Machine fault which affect efficiency. So what is the reason caused by vibration, the user should take what measures to avoid shock? Henan yu for the user to luqiao analysis of the cause of the vibration.
1, conveyer conveying material too fast, more than the equipment can work material. The machines internal work incomplete cause. This phenomenon can be adjust conveyor unit time throughput.
2, impeller passage discharge impeded, blocking phenomenon. This causes device internal material too much, the work is incomplete. This kind of phenomenon need to stop cleaning impeller passage or temporarily stop feeding make plugging material pass spontaneously.
3, spare parts (wear-resisting block) wear and tear caused lay particular stress on, to seize up cause airframe vibration. Replace wear-resistant parts can eliminate the vibration phenomenon. 

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