Block Making Machine Construction Waste Comprehensive Utilization Is An Important Tool

2012-11-28 09:31:38

According to the knowledge of China's urbanization brings a lot of building rubbish, construction waste in China has increased the urban land, resources of tension, which has a serious impact on social economy and ecological environment coordinated development, the construction waste treatment and utilization problem presses for solution. Reasonable utilization of construction waste relates not only to the environmental protection, also contain abundant business opportunities. For concrete waste utilization is also a challenge.
China Block Making Machine garbage disposal start is late, garbage disposal capacity is low, once appear garbage to encircle the cities of the serious situation. In recent years, China's environmental health industry has a great development, make the town refuse treatment level increase, the garbage to encircle the cities phenomenon to ease.
But there are some problems, garbage disposal the input and garbage disposal demand still obvious compared with insufficient, garbage disposal level is still very low, city life garbage disposal is still in the extensive to processing stage of development. Main show is garbage dumps phenomenon exists generally, disposal area of secondary pollution is quite common. The whole, China's urban construction waste handling present the following problems: (1) building garbage collection of degree is not high, at present is only most of the mixed collection. (2) the construction waste recycling utilization rate is low. (3) construction garbage disposal and reuse technology level backwardness, the urban construction waste treatment is used more direct landfill treatment way both land and environmental pollution. (4) urban construction garbage disposal less investment, policies and regulations measures is not perfect, the construction workers environmental awareness is not strong.
With the acceleration of urbanization process, economic development constantly, the city to speed up the "metabolism" of the speed. A large number of old buildings been demolished, in the process, construction waste virtually hinder urban construction "metabolites". How to deal with these building garbage, is a more and more notable social subject.
City construction waste including urban construction department to build new buildings generated by the excavation demolition waste and waste from, road construction and maintenance process is to produce waste, etc. Although the majority of construction waste avirulent and harmless, but if simple landfill, not only affect the city environment, a waste of land resources, it will cause enormous energy and waste of resources.
At present, construction waste in China has increased the urban land, resources of tension, the serious influence to the social economy and the ecological environment coordinated development, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of construction waste is imminent. And Block Making Machine construction waste comprehensive utilization is an important tool. 

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