Block Making Machine Classification

2012-12-10 10:33:39

 Reality basically has: color brick machine, block machine, etc.

Block making machine at present more varieties, mainly divided into rotary machine, vacuum extruder and automatic hydraulic machine.
Block making machine has an automatic and semi-automatic two kinds, the difference between them lies in the size of the labor intensity of the workers.
Automatic hydraulic machine due to a high degree of automation, the molding pressure big, products of good quality, high yield. Be on the market at present the main use and promotion model.
Block making machine can also be divided into sintered brick machine and baking-free brick machine. Baking-free brick machine is the block making machine pressing forming after the autoclave in autoclave curing, so that the formation of brick block making machine for the molding pressure. And the brick machine than sintered brick more environmental protection and saving land resource.

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