Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

2012-10-22 17:32:57

Belt type concrete batching plant structure is the upper is raw material storage hopper, lower for the measurement of the bucket, the base for discharge conveyor belt, storage hopper used to store to match raw material, storage hopper bottom mouth lower part is to ingredients conveyor belt. Its principle: ingredients start, belt machine start out of storage hopper raw material to set value belt to stop, and then in the control instrument control, in turn, allocation of several materials, to all materials configuration finished, instrument control start discharging belt will material into the next link (such as mixer ascension bucket or conveying belt machine, etc.)

Use belt type concrete batching plant user to reduce procurement cost, more hope to borrow batching machine weighing hopper to simultaneously measuring bulk cement, through the cement screw conveyor will cement bin of cement into the batching machine weighing hopper, generally do not advocate the usage, because cement good liquidity, can cause weighing hopper mouth and conveying belt clearance with a small amount of cement overflow, and cause the dust pollution or cement loss, such as have to use this way, must adopt trough type belt roller, and the bucket mouth edge adding soft thin guard, to control the cement spillover. 

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