The Economic Situation On Concrete Batching Plant Influence

2012-07-20 09:24:33

In the first half of 2012, by the engineering project starts seriously insufficient, at the same time, subject to domestic economic environment influence, concrete batching plant industry is in descending trend. Market downstream demand decreases in nearly half a year to each big enterprise inventories have to a certain extent, and for overdue loans and produce high accounts receivable and cash flow problems such as tightening, form if the survival condition of enterprise to make more difficult, concrete batching plant industry is facing serious test. But in the second half of the industry to the most promising industry trends attitude, China's concrete batching plant industry association QiJun in said China concrete batching plant industry existing products market situation in the second half of the year will tend to rose in the performance of the year with the same period last year or will be a slight growth.
China's central bank cut interest rates to
concrete batching plant's role is obvious, concrete batching plant in reducing the listed companies' costs at the same time, be helpful for users in through the financing lease, a mortgage, and please refer to save the way buying machine costs and pull the demand release, reduce enterprise financial pressure. Together with the interest of the market to bring down to infrastructure, water conservancy and real estate industry warms up in the downstream expected, indirect pull concrete batching plant middle industry such as the thaw.
"Steady growth" drive railway equipment and concrete batching plant needs
On July 9 and 10, a morning in the morning, the state council premier wen jiabao has chaired two economic situation symposium, listen to experts and enterprise of the person in charge of the comments and Suggestions. And said: "steady growth of policy measures including promoting consumption and export diversification, but the current important is to promote the reasonable growth especially investment in railway, municipal, energy, telecommunications, health, education, etc to do a few seeking to boost confidence". Steady growth of the policy of railway equipment and the concrete batching plant are leading role.
Although this year 1-April concrete batching plant main products production and marketing of the decline is more serious situation, including excavator compared with the same period last year down 43.25%, loaders down 26.25%; But QiJun still say, concrete batching plant main products of production and sale are stable, at the same time, the accumulative total production and marketing for the situation to hold an optimistic attitude.
Combined 2011 concrete batching plant of the year and the relevant market performance data analysis, expected in June this year after concrete batching plant the main products production and marketing will shrink by, at least on the data can "nice" some, may start to appear year-on-year growth is that month. Stable economic situation, for
concrete batching plant industry as a whole is favorable. "

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