Batching Plant Control System Introduced

2012-10-25 17:04:03

 Batching plant control system equipped with precise batching machine equipment, and can also control a few independent ingredients line, each ingredients online user requirements can be set on said. Control system in addition to the sensor outside, all set away from the mixing plant central control indoor for centralized operation control, system design to achieve the expected goal.
Batching plant control system of general function
1, batching accuracy is high
Single says precision 0.1% system batching accuracy of 0.5%.
2, a high degree of automation
Print on record and ingredients statements, alarm functions, automatic zero, automatic accumulating.
3, operation automation
Central control machine working procedure automatic starting, automatic debugging, screen automatic Chinese characters display system running state.
4, the operation is simple
The system to provide the full automatic, single automatic two mode of operation. Automatic mode, don't need human intervention, the microcomputer automatic completion of all ingredients process, and real-time print.
5, high safety coefficient
Reliable operation, compact structure, high safety coefficient.
6, convenient maintenance
Batching plant control system internal between the parts of the structure of module, contact a connection, maintenance, maintenance is very convenient.
Batching plant control system advanced features
The industrial control computer, the I/O acquisition and high precision weighing system, according to the concrete production technology and quality requirements, through the control software to realize data collection and production automatic control and real-time record production data information, the use of data management can inquire/print various production report. System hardware configuration science, reasonable selection of globalization to purchase principle, international brand products as the main selection range. The integral stability of the system is good, powerful, simple operation, Software main function characteristics: 1, automatic continuous production function, so as to improve the production efficiency.
Batch total plate number and disk power quantity can be reduced, the reduction of work load and the misoperation possibility.
Automatic complement say, automatic button says and automatic adjusting ingredients parameter function, improve the accuracy of ingredients.
Automatic moisture content conversion function.

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