Baking-Free Brick Machine Safety Operation Procedures

2012-09-06 09:50:42

1. In baking-free brick machine operation, rigorous will tool, the into the drum inside, lest produce an accident.
2. Every time before start baking-free brick machine should check clutch, brake, steel wire rope should be good, drum inside can not have foreign body.
(3) in the use of mixer is, must be placed in solid places, with support or leg drum stand firm, shall not tire instead of support.
4. Pay attention to feed hopper rises, it is strictly prohibited to anyone in the hopper next passage or stay, after hours will hopper fixed may leave.
5. Oil cylinder, valve block, valve parts, pipe and hydraulic parts, appear oil leakage, should use replace oil seal, seals and other maintenance method or whole replace, avoid running in spite of illness. Oil pump, oil motor in the operation of the will often hear, see, feel, abnormal, must stop ruled out.
6. Please keep the hydraulic system, the oil pipe and hydraulic station interior clean.
7. Pay attention to the oil temperature is too high, the impact machine performance.
8. Baking-free brick machine repair, should be fixed good hopper, cut off power supply.
9. Products to strictly control the vibration pressure time, according to the products require the adjustment ShiZhen time, in yield and quality between the optimal proportion of summary, when necessary, for adjusting the feed or feed frequency balance.
10. Keep an eye on each process limit is normal or not, whether the screw loose, timely find situation, should be timely stop adjustment, eliminate hidden dangers. Baking-free brick machine safety operation to ensure the interests of manufacturers, but also ensure the personal safety of the operation personnel, understand and execute comprehensive safety operation, safety production can better guarantee the interests of the manufacturer.

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