Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Use The Matters Needing Attention

2012-11-23 10:20:29

 In the production of industrial waste residue baking-free brick has a mainly aggregate function. Many industrial waste residue can be used to produce baking-free brick, including: power plant fly ash, steel slag, non-ferrous metal to refinery smelting slag, all kinds of mining tailings, electrolytic copper pool, chemical waste gypsum and chemical lime, construction waste brick, building garbage, etc.
All kinds of industrial waste residue of the chemical component, mineral composition and harmful substances in use and administration function are different, so using industrial waste residue production baking-free brick, should be on the analysis of the characteristics of all kinds of waste residue after, according to its strength formation mechanism, work out the reasonable formula.
Some industrial waste residue, in addition of suitable amount of curing agent and additive, can separate used to produce baking-free brick, such as by using fly ash to join river sand and lime and plaster, cement and composite admixture, produces 28 d strength reach 31 mpa industrial waste residue baking-free brick; And if, after the pretreatment of lead and zinc tailing, adding suitable amount of cement and admixture, create not less than MU10 industrial waste residue baking-free brick.
But most research is several kinds of industrial waste residue mutual collocation, quality complementary or advantage synergy to use: for example now. More, fly ash and steel slag is to combine manufacturing baking-free brick, fly ash and slag of the active ingredient in curing agent and under the action of admixture to inspire, and meet the brick the strength requirement.
Fly ash material diameter are small, single brick lack of big particles aggregate function. And with larger size distributions of steel slag, can satisfy this condition, thus the production of baking-free brick has a better performance, such as the use of weld of fly ash and steel slag produced MU10 - the level-mu15 baking-free brick.
In determining the industrial waste residue baking-free brick formula, not only should as far as possible to improve the mixed quantity of waste residue, and at the same time, should as far as possible use of all kinds of waste residue itself to the characteristics of production baking-free brick, and as far as possible to reduce agent and additive in quantity, in order to effectively reduce the brick production cost. Production of industrial waste residue baking-free brick less commonly used waste residue of the main chemical and mineral points see table 1.
In addition, some of the industrial waste residue for radioactive, unfavorable or not largely used in brick, use should be taken before the radioactive detection. Some industrial wastes such as fly ash, before using must first pretreatment, remove grass roots and sundry, some still need grinding to need material diameter to use; And as converter exhaust scrap steel slag, need to go through the magnetic separation and eliminate the massive steel block, then through the wet ball whet the required size.

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