Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Let Fly Ash Get Reused

2012-11-29 10:45:46

 Fly ash is the production of gas block one of important raw materials, once before as waste processing, power plant, large coal fired boiler, etc will produce a large amount of fly ash. Fly ash is not only environmental pollution, and into the air, the air quality of the influence is very serious. Aerated concrete equipment can effective use of the material, the technical process to realize the reuse. So from burning Block Making Machine in the aerated piece of equipment in the production line how to effectively use the fly ash.
Therefore, since the 1978 countries it established for comprehensive utilization of resources since the breakthrough, how to fly ash resources for reasonable and effective use of, become China's economic and social development of a long-term strategic policy. At present, the domestic comprehensive utilization of fly ash has been on a rapid development track, using field has been expanded to metallurgy, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, mine, water conservancy, agriculture and so on, more than 10 industry, comprehensive utilization technique to form high, medium and low three levels, is to realize "with store give priority to" to "to use give priority to" means the transition to use ash content of the project application and high and new technology development and application combined with gradually realize engineering, industrialization development pattern, in part, the main comprehensive utilization way as follows: building materials - fly ash fly ash cement and the application in the cement industry: fly ash cement and that silicate cement, it is made up of silicate clinker and fly ash mixture, add right amount of gypsum mill and into the cement hard adhesive materials.
In the cement industry made by using fly ash ingredients is to use one of the candle unburnt carbon; Fly ash as cement mixed materials, fly ash cement production low temperature synthesis, production principle is the first batch of steam curing born into water compound and then by dehydration and low temperature solid phase reaction formation cement mineral; Fly ash production without clinker cement, including the lime fly ash cement and pure fly ash cement, lime fly ash cement is dry fly ash mixed 10% - 30% of the calcium oxide or quick lime and a small amount of gypsum mixed powder grinding, or separately grinding fine after mixing the water made hard cementing material. Fly ash cement hydration heat is low, penetration-proof quality and crack resistance good characteristics convection acid erosion and water erosion has good ability to resist.
Fly ash concrete performance coal ash as mortar or concrete admixture, in the concrete mixed with fly ash to replace part of the cement or fine aggregate, not only can reduce the cost, but also can improve the workability of concrete, improving the impervious, gas, sulfate resistant performance and resistance to chemical erosion performance, reduce the hydration heat, the improvement of concrete resistance to high temperature performance, reduce particle separation and water separting and reduce the shrinkage and cracking of concrete and inhibition of stray current corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. According to the application of the fly ash in concrete and mortar application technical regulations on the first article 3.2.1 in ordinary reinforced concrete, powder coal ash the mixed quantity of not more than 35% of the benchmark concrete cement dosage, and fly ash to replace cement rate should not be more than 20%, preliminary stress reinforced concrete, fly ash maximum dosage should not be more than 20%, the fly ash to replace cement ratio, using common salt silicate cement, should not be more than 15%, the slag Portland cement is, should not be greater than 10%.

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