Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Fault Processing

2012-11-26 10:22:34

 Avoid burning Block Making Machine common troubleshooting methods: pressure Block Making Machine suddenly parking namely happen stuffy car because packing is overmuch, die hole fall into hard, make the piston rise at the same time adjustment appropriate feed depth or eliminate good thing.
Slewing mechanism normal running but because rotary fixed reason is automatic card spring fracture and failure, automatic card head wear too much, the replace spring or replace automatic card.
Rotary plate rolling have vibration reason is automatic card and return between rotary impact; On the mold of the stone roller in orbit hard move. Processing method is adjustment automatic card and grail below clearance is not more than 1 ㎜; Repair or replace stuck roller
Avoid burning Block Making Machine maintenance need to do technical work from burning Block Making Machine technology can maintain for, truly, truly.
1) leadership and employee reach a consensus, overcome "to repair and keep" thought, the technical maintenance which the important content of management efficiency, the technical maintenance institutionalized, and set up a corresponding supervision mechanism.
2) strengthening the maintenance personnel and operating personnel training, make sure all maintenance operation can press the "procedures"
3) the technical maintenance of the content of the project standardization, form change, completes the maintenance records and filing
4) make full use of time, coordination of all departments, reasonable allocate personnel, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, do the rules for reward and punishment.

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