Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Equipment Industry Be Favorred

2012-11-16 09:24:17

 Avoid burning Block Making Machine equipment as an alternative old tile production mode of the main products, all-round government policy support, once made from burning Block Making Machine equipment industry as capital "bestow favor on newly"; Exactly from burning Block Making Machine equipment industry investment have what kind of advantage?
1, developing new wall material of construction, expansion, technical improvement project, a fixed asset investment direction regulating tax rate is 0% of the policy.
2, the development of new wall materials project, can be listed in the national development bank of the basic construction policy investment projects, can enjoy policy loans.
3, developing new wall material project, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, imported equipment will be exempted from tariff and import value-added tax products.
4, all enterprises using the enterprise outside of the major gangue, slag, fly ash as main raw materials, the production of building materials products income, since the day of business starting, 5 years shall be exempted from income tax.
5, to the enterprise production with the raw materials mixed with no less than 30% of the gangue, slag, fly ash and other waste residue of building materials products, products shall be exempted from VAT.
6, slag off unit not in any name to the production of new wall material waste residue fee or charge in disguised form, the use of sludge production new wall materials enterprise, slag off unit should actively support, conditional still can give subsidies.

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