Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Equipment Function And Configuration Characteristics

2012-11-14 09:10:29

 Avoid burning Block Making Machine equipment Machine electric control system adopts PLC system, the computer interface can realize random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, assure the Machine's best work effect.
Avoid burning Block Making Machine "remote communication" control system, it is different monitoring, fault inquires the, system upgrade, provides a great convenience.
Forced fast smooth cloth: cloth box mixing fork dial the material 360 degree rotation movement, achieves the cloth uniform, rapid and smooth. Avoid wet cloth material uneven phenomenon, the product good compactness, high quality. Exempt from box impact, reduce noise and prolong the service life of the machine.
Unique efficient vibration mode: using the latest technology, adjust motor drive speed to meet and guarantee from burning Block Making Machine equipment in cloth and vibration moulding required different vibration frequency and amplitude, and improve the quality of the product, shorten the molding cycle.
Reasonable vibration distribution: through the mould oil cylinder will die box lock in stiffness strong vibration bedplate, achieve table die synchronous vibration together, make the amplitude distribution uniformity, achieve with mold intensity deviation smaller.
The novel structure, strong: avoid burning Block Making Machine equipment the Machine adopts high strength steel, the use of advanced welding technology welding manufacturing, manufacturing quality, equipment, durable, strong, good stability, reliable work.
One Machine can: avoid burning Block Making Machine equipment can adapt to all kinds of specifications of the concrete from burn, porous brick, lu yanshi brick, slope protection brick, channel brick, road brick, square brick, etc. Various kinds of free burning production requirements.
Avoid burning Block Making Machine equipment compact structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, cover an area of an area small, less investment, high efficiency, suitable for large, medium and small building materials enterprise investment.

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