Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Diversification Demand

2012-09-05 09:07:35

Avoid burning Block Making Machine equipment can by changing different mold production all kinds of brick type, such as: standard brick, bread brick, porous brick, permeable brick, lu yanshi brick, planting grass bricks, great extent to meet the building market for brick type diversification demand. Numerous enterprises and individuals on the industrial waste residue, local resource utilization, building decoration, etc and the extensive cooperation, has obtained the good social efficiency and the economic efficiency.
New type of automatic hydraulic from burning Block Making Machine exhaust performance is good, long time baking-free brick production, equipment, low noise, low energy consumption, and USES the inside system displacement sensor control mode, from the effects of the pollution of the environment, and can accurately guarantee brick shape size, in order to make the products meet the national wall material professional standard. At the same time the new automatic hydraulic from burning Block Making Machine equipment have installed a grand pressure sensor, can accurately determine the strength of the brick, hydraulic and vibration, shock press, three cylinder pressure, finished brick of high density, high compressive resistance.
The Yangtze river slave-holding, new things will eventually replace the old things, become the mainstream of the development of The Times, it is nature extend is ancient changeless law of development from burning Block Making Machine will continue to adhere to the innovation development way, conform to the historical trend, show wonderful!

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