Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Construction Preparation

2012-11-15 09:45:54

 Fly ash small hollow block construction application reference common concrete small hollow block construction application part. Ordinary concrete block construction technology and control points is block construction and brick and concrete construction has many similarities, its special quality control point mainly lies in the correct use of a variety of block type, ensure mortar joint mortar and concrete grouting hole full and block solid bonding, prevent block sweat occur deformation, etc. Block masonry should adopt special mortar masonry.
(1) indoor ground below should be used masonry cement mortar masonry, above the ground should use the masonry cement mixed mortar masonry.
(2) the strength of the masonry mortar is divided into M5.0, M7.5, M10.0, M15.0, M20.0, M25.0, and M30.0 seven level.
(3) masonry mortar can use cement, sand, calcium lime hydrate powder (or lime putty), water, and the applicable admixture and admixture by mechanical mixing materials such as made, also can use goods dry mixing mortar made by mechanical mixing water.
(4) masonry mortar materials shall comply with the provisions of the relevant standards. Generally appropriate USES 425 # silicate cement, Portland cement and slag Portland cement; When strength or M20, appropriate USES the above kinds of 525 # cement. Sand appropriate USES medium sand, used for masonry water masonry of the fine sand. Can use lime putty instead of slaked lime powder, plaster stone when preparation of lime slurry application is not more than 3 mm × 3 mm screen filters, curing time should not less than 7 days, storage of lime putty should prevent drying, freeze and pollution, it is strictly prohibited to use dehydration hardening of the lime putty, lime putty such as was frozen should melt rear can use. Have anti-permeability requirement, the mortar mixed should add and subtract agent, waterproofing agent or hate agent and additive.
The technical requirements for [5] mortar except strength beyond, consistency should be 60 mm to 80 mm, stratified degree should be 10 mm ~ 20 mm, adhesivity should satisfy block face gray scraping the ash after vertical sticktite requirements. Have frost resisting requirement, the freezing and thawing test quality loss should be no more than 5%, strength loss should be no more than 25%.

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