Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Cement Regeneration Technology

2012-11-20 09:08:22

 Cement regeneration technology research began in the 70 s. At that time, the United States in the second world war and the war have built before the airport of the concrete road face to more than one after another and service life, need to be rebuilt. Therefore, this paper puts forward the old pavement concrete reuse problems. Then introduce from burning block making machinecement regeneration technology characteristics.
Use of the old pavement cement have many advantages, can solve the shortage of the waste concrete yard; Save materials; To save energy; Reduce transportation cost, etc. In the mid 70 s, the road pavement concrete regeneration technology development gradually.
According to the American federal highway bureau statistics, the United States now has more than 20 states in highway construction in the regeneration cement concrete aggregate (RCA), 26 states allow will RCA as basic materials; Four states allow will RCA as subbase materials; Will RCA applied in base and subbase 28 state institutions, there are 15 made about RCA specification.
At present the old cement concrete pavement materials mainly versatility, can be used as cement concrete and asphalt concrete pavement of aggregate; Lean concrete base, composite plate concrete, cement stability will lower base; Shoulder the permeability of concrete; Fill material, railway ballast, etc.
Use of the old concrete block as aggregate of concrete pouring on has the following features:
(1) the particle shape is ideal, flat, slender particle little.
(2) the bibulous rate is high, the small specific gravity,
(3) workability is a bit poor, cement dosage should be appropriately increased;
(4) to improve the workability, can use natural sand as fine aggregate;
(5) the compressive strength was slightly lower than normal concrete;
6 freezing-thawing resisting sexual than normal cement is a bit poor,
7 flexural strength and compressive strength increase the ratio of pavement advantageous; 7 below 40 mm after crushing of aggregate gradation, 5 mm screen of the percent of pass is 20% ~ 25%, 0.074 mm screen percent of pass is 1% ~ 2%. To avoid segregation phenomenon, to 10 mm is bounded and grading for good.

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