Aerated Concrete Equipment To Replace The Traditional Block Making Machine

2012-09-03 09:22:05

In the past, people used building wall material is solid clay brick, and solid clay brick production is very troublesome, not only the occupation of cultivated land area, and serious pollution of the environment, itself does not have too big advantages, now the social competition is intense, superior slightly jig, it does not have enough advantage, will ultimately be the new product has been replaced. Aerated concrete equipment have replaced the traditional Block Making Machine, this equipment products become instead of solid clay brick of the new wall materials. Its various advantages strengths decided to its position, first of all, aerated concrete equipment itself has the advantage of saving energy and environmental protection, its products have more heat preservation heat insolation, earthquake resistance good, quality is light, easy to machining, sound-absorbing effect is good wait for a characteristic, these a bit more established gas block equipment important position. This also is aerated concrete equipment is the important reason for the building materials business favour.
Aerated concrete product process according to the raw material categories, quality, the main equipment technology characteristics and design, and detailed display machining process. Simple above solution, it is will fly ash or silica sand and water mill into pulp, add powdered lime, right amount of cement, gypsum and foaming agent, after classics agitate injection mold in the box, the static oxygen foaming after curing, cutting into various specifications block or plate, the steam car ownership into autoclave, in high temperature saturated steam curing is formed namely porous light under the aerated concrete products.
Aerated concrete technology as a high-tech development of new technology, also has a national standard, especially in autoclave curing is issued a very detailed express terms. According to our understanding of all aspects of production demand, is also clear about autoclave curing requirements: autoclaved aerated concrete block autoclaved curing is a strength performance and necessary conditions, not only relates to the quality of the products is good or bad, but also related to production efficiency and energy consumption. The best curing system not only to the body for full and reasonable maintenance, is the products in a relatively short period of time to meet the design strength, and the maximum to avoid the body and products may suffer damage. Because tobermorite and product only in 174.5 ℃ or more will spawning, therefore, the autoclaved aerated concrete block only in the temperature and stress level, and maintain a certain time, to have good comprehensive physical properties. According to whether the circumstance such as vacuum, autoclaved aerated concrete block of curing time general need 6 h ~ 12 h.. Autoclave curing is a very key production stage, for the quality of the finished product effects is very great, so must be familiar with the requirements, and combining with its own production capacity, to improve the Block Making Machine production efficiency, to achieve the most suitable for the factory development direction.

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