The Concrete Batching Plant Of The Transfer Of The Concrete Steps

2012-08-08 09:47:34

Concrete batching plant remove homework conditions: a, select foundation hard, the flat, no dust around the place. B, can not have the high voltage wires etc obstacles. C, homework to stay away from the channel far some.
First of all want to check all the security tools are perfect, and then clean up the construction site, with sufficient space. Then cleaning ingredients machine, cement in the storehouse residue, when clearing, pay attention to cut off the water, gas, electricity auxiliary facilities and remove the electrical, water, and admixture, compressed air pipe, etc. Then began gradually remove mixing, procedure is as follows:
1, dismantling ingredients, stir layer outer layer board.
2, removed the roof, roof material layer and the whole structure.
3, dismantling screw conveyor and duct tape of mechanical parts and tape with machine truss (and should be first before upper roller and mechanical parts tear down).
4, dismantling ingredients layer all mechanical equipment and ingredients layer platform.
5, dismantling the control room and bent, control room stents.
6, removed a hopper and mixer and mixing layer platform corresponding stair.
7, dismantling mixing layer platform and platform the following stair, pillar etc.
8, according to dismantle bin of bone and the following mechanical equipment.
9, dismantling powder cans and above all facilities, then removed powder tank bent below.
The above-mentioned after cleaning up on the equipment count, to ensure the integrity of the equipment and intact, dismantled must by specialized personnel present.
Because of the many of the station equipment before installation need good solid solid foundation, to ensure the stability of the machinery, so a complete set of mixing equipment belong to a building collective, although we spend a lot of manpower and material resources using the latest science and technology, research and development of mobile mixing equipment, but there are many links can't overcome, our research program is in. We will speed up the steps of scientific research, let our mobile station as early as possible, which appeared to meet people's needs of our customers.

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