How To Extend The Service Life Of The Concrete Mixing Station

2012-08-13 09:36:08

Want to makeconcrete batching plant to improve work efficiency, in the work, use more stable, that usually we also need to mixing station is often maintenance and common sense to know the; In order to prolong the service life of the station!
That how to extend the service life of the station? First we deal with the maintenance and maintenance of the station have some understanding, to where to start? To how to operate?
Heaven and earth and heavy according to concrete batching plant for years of production and research for the vast number of users of the station summarizes how lubrication station parts and parts should be extended mixing system service life of these two specific about and analysis:
Lubrication station components:
The mixer shaft seal according to the regulation in each host startup or timing come on, in order to ensure that the oil seal structure of the normal operation of long-term;
Other refueling point as the rotation, turned the wheel and rail should time come on.
Prolong the service life of the station system:
Mixing canister smooth operation, lining board, leaf, without loosing phenomenon, if has the damage change in time; When lining board, leaf, scraper, mixing arm and wear to a certain or can't adjust, change in time.
Timely or regular cleaning the mixer glue stains of concrete, when the concrete mixer on the wall the sticky when the thick, not only to reduce the volume of mixer, stick a speed of concrete are accelerated; Sand material mouth because the adhesive of the materials will make the material of the mouth doumen switch appears obstacles, cement materials in the mouth because the adhesive of the water will be more and more small, cause feeding hard, so want to periodically to clean up. The pipeline may feed admixture because precipitation and solidification feed speed slow or cause to jam, also want to regular cleaning.

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