Concrete Batching Plant The Management Goal

2012-08-07 09:51:06

To complete the annual concrete batching plant management goal, promote the company's sustainable development, we Henan DASION Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd must further improve internal management level. The company will accelerate the concrete batching plant "three three system" construction. According to "mature a, curing a" request, will complete functional departments "duties, standards, processes" system construction; Will we need to promptly improve "index, evaluation, evaluation" system construction, through to establish and perfect the index, strengthening assessment process decompose implementation and evaluation of measures, really so that the company's concrete batching plant management level of the new ascension. At the same time the company will earnestly the practice of "following three out of" value pursuit, namely "speaking ability, speak level, speaks the efficiency, the benefit, the talent, the experience". Ability to speak, speak level, efficiency is to tell the staff of the basic requirements, the benefit, the talent, the experience is the company to achieve concrete batching plant development target. Through the practice of "following three out", actively advocated for enterprise employees do contribution, enterprise for the welfare of employees for the society, and value, and finally achieve the growth of the people and enterprise development interactive phase long.

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