DASION Concrete Mixer Procedures

2012-07-21 09:00:17

In the construction engineering, concrete mixer role is crucial, and below to introduce some concrete mixer procedures.
All the operator must be familiar with concrete mixer performance and maintenance method and serious work in accordance with the relevant regulations.
2, electrical installation according to the manual installation wiring, grounding device be safe and reliable.
3, concrete mixer during the work and shall not overhaul. The guard shell to firm and reliable. The operating personnel do not leave their, the operator shall not operate.
4, into hopper and durable ascension, it is strictly prohibited to anyone in the fight through or to stay. If the next maintenance shall be, should stop hopper bolts poles will fix, conducted only.
5, don't make in the operation of sand, stone fall into the operation area.
6, machines in use process, should always be ministries run circumstance, such as found that the problem should be timely stop check or submitted to the relevant personnel handling.
7, place in after use, shall timely take down better, lest turned on the accident.
8, concrete mixer in traction, should be in the hopper and security bolt fixed poles; And must also will hold feet raised to its highest position inserted.
Concrete mixer in building engineering is very important, related to the progress of the projects and the quality, to correct operation.

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