Concrete Mixer Operation Process

2012-07-27 09:36:01

Concrete mixer is the production of concrete machine, concrete mixer use is one of the important work is: overloaded operation, and this is what type of concrete mixer is one of the indispensable work matters.
The concrete mixer overloaded operation process: start concrete mixer mixing button, stirring shaft is the normal operation; To add the aggregate into hopper, cement and sand, the sequence for stones, cement, sand; Start concrete mixer ascension motor, so that hopper to rise to the top in orbit, to stir in the cylinder finished unloading, will be immediately operation to track the lowest hopper position, so that the next cycle feeding; Manipulate concrete mixer forehead water supply button, pumps to work, to stir in the cylinder join the amount of moisture. Mixing 25 to 30 seconds, and manipulate turned out of the turbine speed reducer button, mixing tube in turbine speed reducer drive, the spin axis along the stirring certain Angle, and the material discharging from the mouth;
Concrete mixer unloading ended, manipulate turned out of the turbine speed reducer button, mixing canister return to a working state. So far to complete a work cycle, next work cycle.

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