Concrete Mixer Attention In The Cleaning

2012-07-23 09:45:26

In recent years, with the development of China's economy, the new rural construction, urban renewal, as well as other aspects of development, roads, Bridges, buildings construction is booming, concrete as the most important in engineering construction materials, concrete mixer is all sorts of construction site ideal mixing equipment. Relative to the author, crane for, the blender maintenance is relatively easier, but do not underestimate, perhaps a little details will directly influence the use of concrete mixer, such as: concrete mixer cleaning. In the concrete mixer for cleaning should pay attention to the following items: first, the regular maintenance procedures specified project maintenance, maintenance work, such as cleaning, lubrication, gas, concrete mixer to start the second before you check the controller are good, water and stones after shutdown into mixing in the cylinder 10 ~ 15 minutes for cleaning, again will water and stones out. The operating personnel shall be stirring in the cylinder into cleaned, cut off the power supply and remove fusing except the outside, and shall be subject to lock the switch box. Third, the method of using a sledgehammer to ban on concrete mixer clear stored up in the concrete in the cylinder, can use to chisel cleared. Fourth, in the chill is seasonal, after the operation is completed application water cleaning mixer roller and will pump, water tank, conduit put water accumulation in the net, in order to avoid water pump, water tank, water pipes and damaged.

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