Concrete Batching Plant 's Production Process

2012-07-05 09:32:48

Concrete batching plant confirmed by the trial for the quality of the products is good, strong ability to supply, the service is good the qualified supplier name list into the company, the company general manager identified; Major items must hold bidding meeting purchasing, relevant departments jointly participate in review to determine the suppliers. Full-time purchasing personnel and qualified supplier supply contract signed, passed the assessment by the formal contract after delivery. Strict procurement procedure formulation, execution. Warehouse keeper will notice the number of production task on the inventory of raw materials and inform the buyer, buyers notice the qualified supplier manufacturers in the stipulated time ready for the raw materials; Warehouse keeper the number to confirm, and set up a corresponding table of contents and documents, and at the same time to the other party for qualified quality documents; According to the requirements of raw material inspection, according to the batch issued the notice to the lab entrusted examination, laboratory to this batches of product inspection, the inspection shall inform the warehouse, qualified for production of warehousing use, not qualified professional buyers will notice return, return by the cost of the supplier to assume. Raw material inventory management should pay attention to the following:
(1) the bunker sand, different specifications of sand duty to warehouse piled up, and there are signs indicating the name of the raw materials, products, specifications, origin, purchase date.
(2) strengthening of cement, fly ash, super fine powder powdered materials management. Each silos should have identification, indicate its storage of raw materials, the name of the place of origin, varieties and specifications; In every only silos of incoming material should be consistent with the mouth silo of mark, mark varieties and specifications, origin, purchase date inventory quantity, etc.; Each silos of import should be locking, and designate personnel responsible for incoming material management; Warehouse keeper deal with raw materials silos unified Numbers, and to make the silos distribution, test and control center room notice respectively.
(3) admixtures management. Bulk powder by cement admixture powdered materials management method is carried out; Powder bag admixtures in warehouse to pieces in order, and sign their names, marked with varieties and specifications, origin, purchase date; According to different liquid admixtures manufacturers, different varieties were stored, clear signs.
Want to realize to the concrete batching plant to the quality control of raw materials, must by company's internal technical personnel according to the existing conditions of the main control raw materials proposed index, this control index should comply with the company long-term development goals, and operability, practical. In raw material procurement process to pay attention to the supplier selection, evaluation and determine the process.

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