Concrete Batching Plant Characteristics of Dust Removal

2012-07-05 09:26:49

Henan DASION Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd 's concrete batching plant dust cleaning effect can filter the compressed air of the dust, high efficiency, Installation simple blow, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Material imports of American composite long fiber stick spun polyester non-woven fabric production. Has the oil, waterproof, antistatic etc, and special specification according to user requirements production.
Product features: apply to fan dusting, central air-conditioning duct cleaning, spray powder spraying, sandblasting homework, pigment industrial, wood processing of filtering. Import long fiber polyester filtering materials, fiber mutual crisscross, uniform distribution. Good abrasion resistance, more than the traditional filter material can withstand the airflow pulse blow. Filter material pretty degree good, clean and can be repeated. Cover, center for electricity galvanized a skeleton are, rusty, special dense hole elastic butyronitrile rubber closed.
Concrete batching plant dust removal technical characteristics:
1, internal use pulsed special plait type filter canister, compact structure, save floor space.
2, the filter canister integration design, good sealing, convenient installation replacement, shorten the stop time.
3, high efficiency of filtering, average particle size of 0.5 microns powder, filtration efficiency may reach 99.99%.
4, save the compressed air dosage, compared with conventional impulse precipitator, injection pressure can be reduced by 20%.
5, filter canister closed form installation became more scientifically, the user can according to situation, choose applied on the loading or loading filter canister.

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