The Concrete Batching Plant Computer Control System

2012-07-24 09:30:15

Ingredients concrete batching plant production process is the throat of the ", ingredients working procedure quality to the concrete quality with a decisive influence. Behind the ingredients equipment efficiency low and to not only ingredients, manual operation will factor into the ingredients of the link, make the formula and technology in production to realize, the serious influence the stability of the product quality and improved. Therefore realize high precision automatic burden on concrete production have very important significance, but also for the recipe process of the production data management. At present boom industrial PC and microcomputer automatic ingredients this technology has been widely used in related industries in the field of automation, also completely suitable for concrete batching plant control. This paper introduces the concrete batching plant computer control system control plan.
Concrete batching plant computer control system control plan to roughly 4 kinds, the four solution has the advantages of each.
Solution A: the MOXA card (PCI bus four serial communication card), 16 road isolation digital input/output terminal board and PCI bus multi-function data collection plate.
Plan B: the MOXA card (PCI bus four serial communication card), programmable controller PI. C, Profibus and communication module.
Plan C: the Profibus way communication, through the instrument realize ingredients function, including programmable controller PLc and text display.
Plan D: the HUB, programmable controller PI. C, and communication.

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