The development of the industry concrete advantages and disadvantages

2012-07-10 10:44:29

Any enterprise and products are facing off-season and busy season, but the impact of the are not the same. Every profession has its own characteristic, can a certain period show advantages, and elsewhere face bottleneck. Therefore, we need to take a good analysis to find advantages and disadvantages, so it can be more beneficial to the development of the future. Concrete machinery also is such.
A, concrete favorable factors of the development of the industry
1. The state industrial policies to support the development of the industry
Countries promote industrial structure adjustment, the interim provisions on strengthening the energy conservation of the decision, "1025" energy conservation and emission reduction plan is comprehensive work of saving energy and reducing consumption of technical transformation happening. Concrete mixer and other products in the reform and development will face a new spring.
2. Sustained economic growth, urbanization and infrastructure investment, concrete mixer to bring the huge market opportunities and development space
3. Comprehensive advantages, competition ability is strong
Construction preparation time is short, the construction speed is quick, short construction period; Advanced technology, high technical content, factory production quality assurance, can save a large number of raw materials such as steel and concrete, accord with the state advocates of energy saving and emission reduction, and the basic state policy of sustainable development, now has a lot of the other traditional instead of pile type.
Second, the development of concrete mechanical factors
1. Professional enough staff, industry development bottleneck
Most of the enterprise is difficult to attract talents, the industry professional employees is insufficient, restricted the concrete in the further development of the industry in China.
2. Enterprise numerous, market competition is intense
Concrete mixer enterprise numerous, and mostly for the low level repeated construction, the market competition is intense, the industry average profit is not high, low profits.
3. The effects of macroeconomic policies
The current state of commodity house market issued a more stringent regulation policy, is expected to a period of commodity house market will impact, this then to a certain extent the development of the industry of inhibition.

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