Policy Adjustment To The Development Of Engineering Machinery With The Opportunities

2012-07-10 10:34:00

Just into the construction machinery industry is new, concrete batching plant for some things are not particularly understand. But through the national policy or music found some signs of engineering machinery future development lies in the opportunities brought by fine-tuning.
The present mechanical industry is still in the downside, but individual mechanical product sales in May drop sharply narrow, plus policy coordination, engineering machinery pin feeling are expected to pick up in the second half, such as concrete batching plant etc. Product. The reason is very simple. The central policy inclination, mainly divided into monetary policy and fiscal policy two kinds big, fiscal policy mainly is government spending, namely each infrastructure and real estate project examination and approval, the past few period we have repeatedly pointed out, increase the fine-tuning presetters strength, BaWen growth on more important position, it is the policy of the first reflect; As for monetary policy, in inflation controllable, under the premise of the central in recent months have been the low-interest rate and save the accuracy, the market consensus is monetary relaxation but period, this is the policy of the second embodiment.
From the industry figures, heavy machinery industry is still in the overall downward, but in the main son industries, economic cycle to the most sensitive engineering machinery sales month in May by already see narrow. Engineering machinery in the first four months of this year sales value of 197.3 billion yuan, up 0.69%, with 2011 growth dropped about 34% at the end of the second quarter engineering machinery continues the decline of before.
This shows, engineering machinery and a great prospects for development, also face unprecedented challenges, must grasp the nettle to just go.

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