Concrete Mixer Reducer to High Temperature Treatment Method

2012-07-09 11:29:34

Concrete mixer in production process if the lubricating oil viscosity too high or low temperature will be the condition of high speed reducer, at this time the concrete mixer bearing load increases, friction intensified, produce a lot of heat.
So concrete mixer reducer appear excessive temperature how to deal with?
Concrete mixer reducer lubricant viscosity too high or low that makes it possible for reducer operation load increase. Oil viscosity is too high, poor liquidity, lead to operation load increases, will have a great part of quantity of heat, make reducer temperature.
Instead, lubricating oil viscosity is too low, the lubrication effect reduces, increased the concrete mixer parts of friction when running, running to overcome the friction reducer work, there will also be a big part of quantity of heat, make reducer temperature. If oil viscosity is not appropriate, to change with the new oil viscosity level appropriate.
To sum up, lead to concrete mixer reducer to high temperature of the reason for this is that oil viscosity too high or low, as long as the replacement of the lubricating oil viscosity level appropriate can.

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