How to Solve Belt type Concrete Batching Plant in Weighing Machine when The Fault Occurred

2012-06-21 16:06:16

Belt type concrete batching plant usually will appear some common system malfunction, if have this problem, how should we solve?
Line fault performance for control meter said value overflow, display error messages, weighing signal suddenly or a jump, the reason has the following two kinds of cases.
A sensor and control instrument is the connection between the lines open circuit. The external fault is mainly caused by the improper installation and use, if use the multi-purpose electric meter check sensor input and output resistance, resistance all normal. The cause of the problem is: connecting cables broken, cause open circuit; Connecting with loose or not within the soldering welding real, etc.
Second is the sensor itself quality to have a problem. The performance for the sensor input and output resistance change. Normally the sensor input resistance for 400 Ω ± 10 Ω, output resistance for 350 Ω ± 3 Ω. Sensor fault is main, terminal blocks or lead wire solder fall off; Sensor zero temperature compensation or sensitivity temperature compensation resistance welding or take off virtual welding; Sensor seal is bad, internal chip damp.
Electronic scales zero abnormal also is relatively common fault. One reason is the sensor do not make temperature compensation, sensor zero and sensitivity as the ambient temperature changes, electronic scales to zero malfunction, according to the international standard sensor manufacturing process of temperature compensation process, should through the high and low temperature box analog sensor use environment temperature change to compensate, but many domestic sensor manufacturers no high low temperature box, can't do to sensor temperature compensation; The second reason is the sensor serious overloading, cause elastomer produce plastic deformation, sensor damage.
In addition, the junction box water, damp, oxidation resistance or breakdown may result in the major breakdown.
Above is the Belt type concrete batching plant system failure analysis of common, hope to help you solve some difficult problems.

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