The use principle of concrete batching plant equipment

2013-03-19 11:02:59

In the past two years because of house property regulation continue, cement warehouse last year also has begun to work, this year spring construction of a slow, market cement weak demand this year compared with last year, our cement enterprise production, and stock levels are very big.
At the same time, early April cement plate rallied and cement shipments began to increase significantly. So what is the reason behind this? The individual feels and national macro-control inseparable, from domestic environment look, real estate once led the entire national economy national economy development vision of the state, along with the increase of control power, the real estate industry into the downturn. Cement cans of affecting the many industries, endanger China's economy. From the international environment look, the RMB exchange rate affect the country's export growth. The third plenary session of the twelve on wen has been emphasis is stable economic growth. When the internal and external environment stimulate economic slump, the government will take control measures to mobilize the productive forces, and increase in construction project put. Thus promote the development of the whole national industry.
Then cement industry spring is coming, from another statistic data can see that, in 2011 the bulk cement supply growth rate higher than cement output growth of 8.43%, cement warehouse continue to remain stable growth momentum. In addition to a remarkable characteristic, is the cement SanZhuangLv more and more high, Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai and three SanZhuangLv cement over 90% have, other provinces and municipalities of the country also reached about 70%, and in increases year by year. The cement cans of production factory is also a good news, as China the acceleration of urbanization and modernization of domestic engineering construction of environmental protection, bulk cement can of market demand would more and more big.
This is the opportunity and challenge,Henan DASION Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd will be more high quality products, to meet the test of the market.



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