The Wide Application of Concrete Mixer

2013-03-15 13:48:40

Concrete mixer in the project construction play a very significant role. It can also be applied to many other construction. So it must adapt to the need of terrain conditions according to different requirements to design the machine and its components, which is very important is: according to the function of the machine technology changes, add and expand, automation system should have a high level of flexibility.
A blender,Control system is to ensure that the task of safe and reliable operation of the mix, it is mainly to the motor and blender mechanism that close control, mixing canister of indirect drive control is also required. Today, most mixer is equipped with consistency measuring devices, in addition, mixing system with humidity sensor used in the microwave sensors and temperature sensor.
Second, concrete management Concrete mixer management equipment including concrete silos, concrete JiLiangCheng and by frequency converter ingredients spiral. JiLiangCheng or radar sensors used for measuring the amount of silo materials. In order to avoid a lot of dust, concrete mixers must also equipped with air filter, the use of vibration principle to be automatic removal of the dust in the air. In addition, use sensors can also protect silos, avoid excessive pressure in warehouse.
Three, conveying sand Sand in the unloading slides in a conveyor belt in weighing or by the strain sensor. If use a freestone car, so they by inverter, terminal location sensors and security terminals position sensor control. Sand silos including one to two vibration device, ensure accurate pack material. In the highly demanding applications, silo quantity is the sand by radar sensors to measure. If necessary, radar sensors can also be used to measure the moisture in the sand. So, with the measurement data collection of the concrete mixing process for the corresponding adjustment.
Four, water quantity measurement Water first with two of the control valve JiLiangCheng weighing, then use parallel flowmeter more accurate measurement.
Five, add accessories Concrete is according to different applications to the specific requirements of the production, and thus its characteristics are also different. Today, in concrete production process not join any component is hard to imagine, these a few auxiliary materials mainly using pumps and JiLiangCheng to add.



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