The Detailed Introduction of Different Concrete Mixer

2012-06-13 10:11:11

Since fall type mixer has a long history, early in the 20 century, driven by a steam engine cylinder type of drum concrete mixer already starting to appear. 50 s, reverse the material type and pour over the material type double cone mixer and crack cylinder mixer, ect and obtain development appeared. Since the fall of the cylinder type concrete mixer mix on the wall with a radial layout mixing blades. Work, mix the level rotary cylinder around the axis, join with the materials in the cylinder, be leaf promotion to a certain height, weight falling through, so that the cycle of sports, achieve even mixing effect. Since the fall of the concrete mixer type of simple structure, general with stirring plastic concrete primarily.
Forced mixer in the early 1950 s after the rise, obtained a rapid development and promotion. First came the disc vertical shaft type forced concrete mixer. This mixer is divided into GuoJiang type and the planet type two kinds. After the 1870 s, with the application of light weight aggregate, appeared round slot horizontal-axis type forced mixer, it points single horizontal-axis type and condominium shaft type two kinds, with the fall and compulsory two mixing characteristics. The linear small mixing blades, good abrasion resistance and less energy consumption, rapid development. Forced concrete mixer mix in the cylinder on the axis of the arm with mixing blades, to join with the materials in the cylinder, mixing blades in the stir strong form the intersection of logistics. This mixing way than the fall mixing powerful way, mainly is suitable for the mixing of dry, rigid.
The continuous concrete mixer, equipped with the helix mixing blades, all kinds of materials separately according to mix by continuous after weighing into the mixer, concrete mixing good from the unloading continuous to outside discharged. This blender mixing time is short, productivity high, its development conspicuous.
Along with the concrete materials and construction technology of development, it has appeared a lot of new structure concrete mixer, such as steam heating type mixer, supercritical speed mixer, sound waves mixer, without mixing blades swing disc mixer and second stirring the concrete mixer, etc.


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