The Function of Concrete Mixer and Classification

2013-03-14 14:23:09

The function of concrete mixer is: make each component on the macro and micro uniform, destroying the cement particle reunion phenomenon, promote the development of the dispersion phenomenon, destroy the surface of cement particles initial water iodide film wrapping layer, prompted materials particles collision friction, reduce dust film effects, improve as the body of the cell material in the exercise of The Times and trajectory of the cross frequency, speed up well qualitative.

According to the nature of work into cyclical mixer and the continuous mixer work; According to the principle of fall into the stirring mixer and forced concrete mixer; According to installation fixed and movable blender mixing machine points; According to the material means cent pour out the mixer and turn type turn type mixer; According to the mix tube structure form points pear type mixer, drum tube type mixer, dual cone mixer, the disc vertical shaft type mixer and circular trough horizontal-axis type mixer, etc. In addition, mixer is divided into crack tube type and circular groove (i.e. horizontal-axis type) mixer.




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JS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer.jpgJS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Comcrete Mixer in this series are made according to GB/T9142-2000 STANDARD. It is of rational construction, and at the same time it is also of high efficiency, high quality mixing, save time, low cost and low noise.



YJS Series Twin-shaft concrete mixerYJS Series Twin-shaft concrete mixer.jpg

YJS Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer also be named Dual-axle Concrete Mixer, normally used in bigger construction projects, such as high building, railway bridge, river construction, airport project, etc. 

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