China's Concrete Industry Appear The Financial Bubble

2012-06-11 15:50:06

Pull concrete as the core of China's economic growth has been for many years, and the bank wasn't deterred from the speculators. The construction site of the common small concrete mixer for all little. According to the report, in recent years, the average Chinese family loans purchased blender, then rent collection of cash is much more common.
Many people worry that, as an important part of the industrial concrete industry also gave birth to a financial bubble. Some Chinese concrete in the field of mechanical major player heavy industry enterprise are involved in Banks, machinery manufacturers and concrete production of the commercial credit weaving up, complex financial shadow.
They rely on supplier financing, to promote concrete mixer sales. But some worry, mixer buyers with new machines do mortgage in exchange for more loans. And then, they again with credit will not processing of concrete way to sell to cash shortage of real estate developers.
According to the market research in jiangsu result, some heavy industry enterprise sold in the first quarter of concrete mixer, with more than half did not start. Buyers will machine warehouse, just want to obtain funds to mortgages, used to pay wages, electricity and purchase of raw materials. "In order to get the loan, they will buy more than demand more machine." Participate in the research of the analysts said.
Currently, Beijing is trying to crack down on real estate industry to balance economic, instruct the bank for the industry to reduce borrowing, lead to a lot of developers to withdraw from the market. Even so, in international competitors such as caterpillar's sales fell, some Chinese heavy industry enterprise the blender sales remain strong growth. In contrast, caterpillar is said, the first quarter overestimated the Chinese market to the needs of the construction equipment expected this year, sales in China will face a 5% to 10% of the downturn.



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