Concrete Batching Plant Notes To The Normal Operation

2012-07-16 12:51:05

Concrete batching plant in order to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and make full use of its benefits, deal with mixing equipment for normal repair and maintenance.
1. Check before each use
Check air compressor captive device is reliable, air pressure is stable; Check whether water pumps add the pipeline, which was clear; Doumen, cement silo doumen, middle aggregate doumen, the material such as the door open and close is flexible and reliable; Check the mixing console blade coupling bolts whether firmly; Check the electrical device is safe, reliable, and the limit switch action switch is flexible and reliable; Check all lubricating points urgent reducer if there is enough oil.
2. After every use maintenance
Clean up both inside and outside the concrete mixer, material in the door of product materials, and rinse clean; All lubricating points charging lubricating points, especially the shaft seal, must not lost; Winter should be put in the water and liquid. Put all air compressor air storage tank of gas and water within; After being stopped at all switch non-work state, and cut off the power supply.
3. Weekly check the maintenance
Check the tank of condensate residue concrete mixing, such as the setting should stop for a eradicating (note should be cut off power supply the specialist care), check mixing blades and lining board clearance, such as not suited to adjust; Check for leaks gas path system, a cylinder is reliable; Check the quality of the lubricating oil slow down and liquid surface height and, when necessary, filling or to change; Check the water supply system bibulous bottom valve is reliable; Check the electrical components if there is damage phenomenon and, when necessary, repair or replace, check the wiring is loose; Twist open choke, check the shaft sealing, no abnormalities in the silting up after twist put.
4. Check the maintenance all around
Check the belt a tight situation, and the appropriate adjustment; Check the blade, and the wearing of the lining board; Check, under frame, silo, big inclined belt conveyor of such parts as connecting bolts is firmly fixed, the foundation is sinking; Check the mixing equipment-screw conveyor in has agglomerate and sundry whether, if have, cleared.
5. Every year check maintenance and overhaul
Equipment operation run a year, in addition to a 1, 2, 3, 4 check outside, still dealing with other components for inspection, the comprehensive inspection maintenance and replacement, so that we can guarantee the normal operation of the concrete batching plant.

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