2012 Concrete Mixing Industry Opportunities And Challenges

2012-07-13 11:37:18

2011 is the concrete mixing machine go more difficult year, according to the latest survey shows that most of the countries of Europe and the ready-mixed concrete have been developed to mature stage, ready-mixed concrete per capita consumption basic stability or a little decrease; The countries of the European Union and the United States and Russia in last few years the ready-mixed concrete production decline continues to occur. Catalyst 7 · 23 incident, railway financing difficulties, caused many funds for construction projects broken, 9 into construction projects already place to stop. More of the tragedy is a few days ago, live, vice minister of  to build media admitted that, about a third of the existing among them "have dug a pit to build an" situation. This no doubt for concrete for mechanical trauma.
Now 2011 winter has been done, and entered the 2012, at present the market the feedback the information concerned, and this year will be different from two years in a row before high growth, the whole year industry growth dropped perhaps already in place. Engineering machinery industry association QiJun said: this year China construction machinery industry will present "high, low, before after the firm" situation, the whole year to maintain steady growth. The products of the status of the host between will have differences, but close to the overall trends. Annual operating income will year-on-year growth of about 17% to 500 billion yuan. As for next year, QiJun said industry will appear before the trend of the high low, the annual sales income will still steady growth, rising 12% this year than about. 17% and 12% though it is already good results, but obviously this means that, since 2001, ten years time scale growth ten times the Chinese construction machinery industry might have to say goodbye to this period of legendary era, into the relatively stable development period.
As the financial crisis weakened gradually, the export market of buoyancy, plus China urbanization construction step up, the various municipal and security room construction investment, etc, the effects of the concrete machinery industry the development of future 5-10 market still have a good expect. 1025 period, the social fixed assets investment is expected to around 20% in annual growth rate. Based on the industry including railway, highway, transportation, energy resources, the urbanization construction investment will drive a lot excavator and other construction machinery products sales, is expected to construction machinery industry will continue to keep high growth. Forecast of 900 billion sales scale, become a few big enterprise of engineering machinery plate cake, concrete machinery will points of the rich cake.
Since 2011 "1025" the beginning of beginning, because of the rapid development of economic construction of countries, many infrastructure projects, concrete engineering nowhere not some situation for concrete machinery to provide a broad market. No matter from short-term or long-term perspective, concrete mixing machinery industry needs urbanization rate rose and construction by the way change the influence of factors, will have the larger development space. Where there is opportunity, where to have challenge, although concrete mixing machine be snow brought down by more than the temperature freezing, believe that trouble is only temporary, 2012 years is the concrete equipment industry will continue to progress.

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