Batching Plant Construction Safety Precautions

2012-07-11 14:46:04

Mixing station production factory, henan province soar machine manufacturing Co., LTD. Remind customers to ensure safety, the concrete batching plant equipment installation, commissioning, use process should strictly carry out the following provisions:

1, operation, and maintenance personnel non-professional banned the equipment. The operating personnel to conscientious, strictly according to the program operation. In the construction of the station problems appeared in the process of stop immediately, while it is strictly prohibited to equipment, it is strictly prohibited to operating personnel leaving work.
2, may not be altered without concrete batching plant electrical device or control circuit, shall not be altered without electrical device set the value and specifications.
3, distribution and safety protection site must comply with the relevant state current power supply security codes, standards. Electrical equipment according to regulations strictly by zero or grounding, in order to avoid electric shock accidents.
4, concrete batching plant operation process, it is strictly prohibited to workers into the stirring pot! It is strictly prohibited to personnel will be reached into his screw conveyor. It is strictly prohibited to personnel stood in the belt! In order to avoid casualties.
Five, if it is need maintenance, should disconnect the power supply, hang "some work, it is strictly prohibited to off!" Signs, and set the specialist care, and in case he should miss off. The maintenance personnel shall be equipped with the corresponding labor protection supplies.
6, concrete batching plant operation process, may not arbitrarily according to a sudden stop button, such as accident emergency parking, must immediately press abrupt stop button, downtime repair, have to disconnect the total power, and have special guard, in order to avoid accident.
7, every time before starting equipment, should press bell-button three times, can start-up equipment. Anyone hear electricity after the bell should immediately leave host, belt conveyor, finished product near hopper, in order to avoid an accident. The machine operation process, host is prohibited in the upper and lower belt conveyor, finished product under the hopper stands.
8, aggregates hopper vibrator it is strictly prohibited to empty operation or long time also vibration. The machine operation process, do not make grain of material fall into the part of the operation, to avoid moving parts damaged stuck. Before should stop host salonnieres material, so as not to bring load startup, damage to the machine.
9, and to ensure the accuracy of measurement, should ensure that all kinds of raw material of particle size.
10, belt conveyor belt directly affected by the weigh of wind in the level 4 below, or should take measures the windshield.
11, concrete batching plant hopper to each side the material side feeding, no full again after material door open hopper, more do not allow filled with hopper long placed, lest affect the material.
12, concrete batching plant equipment must be stopped without power after thus and lock the door.

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