JN Series Vertical-shaft Concrete Mixer
  • JN Series Vertical-shaft Concrete Mixer
  • JN Series Vertical-shaft Concrete Mixer
  • JN Series Vertical-shaft Concrete Mixer

JN Series Vertical-shaft Concrete Mixer

DASION JN series vertical-shaft concrete mixers are core equipment in dry type concrete batching plant and block precast industry, they are widely used in various civil works and construction project.

JN Series Vertical-shaft Concrete Mixer Features and Benefits :

DASION JN series vertical-shaft planetary concrete mixer is core equipment in concrete batching plant and block & precast industry. They can mix various material evenly, be suitable for mixing high-quality concrete. Because planetary mixing motion has both revolution and autorotation, be known for complex trajectories, strong mixing sports, high efficiency, strong uniformity and good economic benefits..

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Technical features of JN series dry concrete mixer


1. Adopt combined installation for transmit part and mixing drum, conveniently for assemble and maintain equipment;
2. The concrete never meet transmit part, so there is no leakage problem;
3. The main parts, such as reducer, bearing and oil-seal system, are original imported, reliable in transmission.
4. Blades & linings adopt high chrome wear-proof materials with long working life.
5. Regarding to clients’ request, the concrete discharging door can be opened by hydraulic or pneumatic, can be also assembled 2 discharging gates;
6. Adopt rotary planetary concrete mixer blades, be known for complex trajectories, has high-efficiency mixing quality;
7. Aggregate bucket can be chosen according to the requirements of customers;
8. High-sensitive security switches are used in the maintaining door as optional parts.


Electric motor drive gear reducer, the power source from reducer will drive the mixing blades move rotation, the scraper blades move revolution. The mixing trajectories is complex because of the rotation and revolution working together, the mixer inside has strong mixing motion, so that the mixing efficient is high, mixing quality is equally.



Main configuration and parameters of JN concrete mixer

Model JN 500 JN 750 JN 1000 JN 1500
Discharging volume 500L 750L 1000L 1500L
Charging volume 750L 1125L 1500L 2250L
Charging weight 1200kg 1800kg 2400kg 3600kg
Diameter of mixing drum 1900mm 2196mm 2496mm 2796mm
Mixing Power 18.5kw 30kw 37kw 55kw
Discharging power 2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw 3kw
Weight 2000kg 3500kg 6000kg 7000kg
Dimension 2270×1955× 1832mm 2520×2280× 2150mm 2858×2590× 2370mm 3250×2916× 2530mm
Lifting power 4kw 7.5kw 11kw 15kw
Bucket capacity 870L 1300L 1740L 2610L
Bucket Weight 1305kg 1950kg 2610kg 3915kg
Lifting speed 0.25m/s 0.25m/s 0.25m/s 0.25m/s

The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to the actual product.


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