DS6-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic)
  • DS6-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic)

DS6-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic)

This model is a multi-purpose machine. It can manufacture wall bricks, heat-insulating bricks, grass pavers, square pavers, slop protection pavers, road shoulder pavers, curbs, etc by simply changing the mould.

DS6-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic) Features and Benefits :

1. Product instruction:


This model is a multi-purpose machine. It can manufacture wall bricks, heat-insulating bricks, grass pavers, square pavers, slop protection pavers, road shoulder pavers, curbs, etc by simply changing the mould. When pressured, transform the excessive oil into vibration force. Computers control all directional vibration, frequency conversion, braking and cancellation of vibration energy consumption. Low frequency feeding, high frequency vibration and template suppressing vibration make the concrete fully liquefied and exhausted within two to three seconds.

2. Features and Benefits:


1. Adopt Germany, Italy, Japan technology to manufacturing;
2. Compatible with the road blocks, road-side bricks and river bricks;
3. Adopt sub-storage device to overcome the liquefaction of concrete defects in advance;
4. The whole set of machine can be operated automatically.
5. Adopt four-oriented approach to insure the pressure head and mold box move exactly with good stability, and wide fixed mold plate for mold box, with the replacement of various models of multi-purpose tool of a machine to meet the various needs.
6. The host machine adopt hydraulic rotational molding and vibration compression molding. Molding cycle takes 15 - 18 seconds to leave the floor for forming health, and spend a lot of floor investment.
7. Forced feeding, the traditional feeding method is difficult to feed materials evenly to mold box, DS6-15 box-type machine equipped with a multi-fabric mixing fork, mold box to the top of mixing fork work on mandatory feed box.

Working principle:


1.Force feed unit: The whipping fork words rapidly during the feed box moves to up of mold box, finally the equalization of material feed and the consistency of the product's intensity are insured.


2.The whole process uses a PLC aptitude control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, easy to analyze the chance signal, fault diagnosis and parameters setting, ensure the best operation effect of the machine.


3.Enlarge the available area of the word table: The appliance of the advanced vibration technology causes the larger word table, it makes that the productivity is increased greatly.


4.Reasonable distributing of vibration: mold box fixes at the vibrating table via the cylinder of drawing mold, there is a special vibrator fitted on the pressure head. The combine vibration of the work table and mold increases the vibrating velocity and causes the concrete liquefy and exhaust quickly, final the product reaches the high density and high strength.

DS6-15 block making machine main technical parameter:

Parameter Name Parameter values
The largest
machine dimensions
Rated pressure
of hydraulic system
Main vibration form All vibration molded desk
Vibration frequency 50~70Hz
Vibration acceleration 10-15g
To adapt to the
high brick
Pallet size Wooden 830×660×(40±1)
Iron 830×660×(8-10±1)
Bamboo 830×660×(15-20)
Molding cycle 15-18 seconds 20-23 seconds
to be added fabrics
When production Standard block
57,600 Pieces/ 8 hours
Feeder capacity Effective storage volume of 0.45m3 hopper
  Effective volume of 0.15m3 car charging
Machine power 36.8kw
Machine weight 12T
Brick shaped mold can be produced according to user needs.

The number
of each plate
Molding cycle Pieces / 8 hours
Brick 390×190×190 6 15-25 7000-11520
Brick 245×115×90 12 15-25 14000-23040
Standard brick 240×115×53 30 15-25 34560-57600

Production conditions:
Production sites
Venues 8-10 acres
Operate camp 60
Raw space 300
Office space 30
Other conditions Staff 8-10people
Distribution 40kw
Water 10T/day

(Parameter is changed without prior notice.)

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