DS4-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic)
  • DS4-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic)

DS4-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic)

DS4-15 block making machine is a compact machine with electric and hydraulic system, each procedure action locks with each other to guarantee the machine operate safely, easily and dependablely.


DS4-15 Brick Making Machine (Hydraulic) Features and Benefits :

1. Prduct Introduction:


DS4-15 block making machine is a compact machine with electric and hydraulic system, each procedure action locks with each other to guarantee the machine operate safely, easily and dependablely.


This machine has good applicability. It not only can be used for producing concrete blocks of high strength, but also for Pulverized Coal Ash Bricks, Cinder Bricks, Mine Slag Blocks, and so on. Only by changing different moulds and dies, the hollow blocks and solid blocks of different specifications can be manufactured.


2.Features and Benefits:

1) unique structure. Adopt special material discharging and break device, there are multi-row mixing forks inside of the material tank. The mixing forks works automatically once the material tank is moved above the mould box, then the material will be discharged forcibly, to insure the material discharging swimmingly and fabric equably.
2) Super actuating shock force design. Control the hydraulic system by computer, such as hydraulic flow and pressure, to achieve vibrating, frequency conversion, stop at same time, to insure the final products (bricks) becomes high-intensity and high- density in a short time.
3) Multi-purpose design. Change different moulds, then it can produce different shape and spec of bricks.

1. Feeding system.The material stock hopper and the material feeding hopper are separated to each other, for the purpose of quantitative feed of materials, which can effectively control the advance liquidation of some concrete and reduce the feeding time.
2. Batching system system: PLC intellectual control, adopts the data transmission device, the control system disposes the safe logic controlling and trouble and diagnoses the system. And control the function Long-rangly.
3. Conveyor: The unique skip rotates and force the unloading device, solves the cloth difficult problem of porous brick completely.

Block specifications (mm)
Number per Pallet (Block)
Molding cycle (seconds)
Block/8 hours
390 × 190 × 190 (hollow brick)
240 × 115 × 90 (porous brick)
240 × 115 × 53 (standard brick)
Bamboo pallet size: 850 × 580 × 20~30mm (Brick shaped mold can be produced according to user needs).
Host power: 25.5KW     Machine size: 5420 × 1550 × 2940 (L×W×H)mm     Total weight: 7.5T
Technical Parameters
Every molding
Standard brick
Machine Power
Cellular brick
Exterior size
5420 × 1550 × 2940mm
Pallet size
850 × 580 × 20~30mm
Molding period
15-20 seconds/time
Producing capacity
34560-37440pcs/8H (Standard brick)
Exciting force
Vibration frequency
The production line of DS4-15 automatic block making machine, gross weight is about 24T


Plant Construction Program:
Workshop space
About 200 m2
Stacking space
About 2500-3000 m2
Raw material storage space
About 1500 m2
Office space
About 100 m2
Working capital space
About 1300 m2
Free space
About 1000 m2
Remark: Detail arrangement according to actual situation
Factory director
Financial officers
Host operator
Transport workers
Palletizing staff
Mixer operator
Product Maintenance
Other staff needed as your demand
Cost and benefit analysis
1. Regions of different materials prices, costs vary
2. Availability of raw materials: Slag, Construction Waste, Fly Ash, River sand, Coal Gangue, etc.
3. Reference to local market conditions


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