DS10-15 Brick Making Machinery
  • DS10-15 Brick Making Machinery

DS10-15 Brick Making Machinery

Particular storage and discription material system insure the feeding accuracy and avoiding the effect of exterior material. So the products have high density.
The computer is of fault diagnosis system. Warning signal is propitious to eliminate the fault. Combine with long-distance controlling system, it can achieve scrutiny, controlling, diagnosis.

DS10-15 Brick Making Machinery Features and Benefits :

Product Introduction:

DS10-15 hydraulic concrete brick making machine unify mechanical, electrical, hydraulic technology, and adopt superior electric and hydraulic components, to ensure each cyclic process accurate alignment when equipment running. The combination property is reliable and steady, operation is safe and simple.
DS10-15 concrete brick making machine can use cement, fly-ash, cinder, stone powder, river sand, building waste as material to form various of bricks, such as standard brick, perforated brick, hollow brick, curb, paver brick, etc. Meanwhile, we can design dysmorphism and non-standard moulds regarding to clients’ request.

Features and Benefits:

1.Based on applying the features from the overseas superior manufacturer in the same industry, the perfect designing in structures facilitates the cutter to the exchanged, let alone the operating and maintaining. The equipment is tight-fixed and durable with high automation, low even consumption and competitive price based on the quality.
2.Perfect designing, such as adopting the auto pallets feeding system, material conveying and laying out system, compulsive material disposing system and pressing and molding synchronously, has made the production recycling automatically with high production output and stable quality.
3.Machine, electricity, hydraulic are all combined together and controlled by PLC with the optional locking password to protect the running with safety. Main-control table is with computerized operation screener (Chinese menu, LCD touching screener), which can materialize the parameter setting, single collecting along with the machine and breakdown analyzing, thus the machine can keep in the best working status. By long-distance communication can materialize the long-distance monitoring, breakdown seeking and system updating.
4.Being vibrated by the hydraulic-pressure motor, this machine lays the material fast by two manipulators controlled by oil cylinder, which has raised up the vibration and the vibration efficiency. The material sis laid evenly while being molded in a short time. The compressing and vibration are organic combined to guarantee the density of the products.
5.It is adopting advanced technology to lay the material; when the material laying device reaches to the upper on the mold, the material inside the device will fast and evenly pour into the mold. The material is laid evenly while being molded in a short time. The weight tolerance between each finished product is ±5%. While the intensity tolerance is ±15%.
6.This machine is widely used, which can produce standard block, hollow block, lightweight block, road surface block and so on, more specially for volume producing the standard block and the hollow brick.

Working principle of DS10-15 Brick Making Machine:
1. Principle of vibratory compaction:
The material grain, under the function of excitation force, will take Intense exercise on the direction of vibration. This kind of exercise will fill up the gap among the different material.
2. Principle of hydraulic system:
The system will converts the electric energy into hydraulic energy, the various component of hydraulic system will drive the material feeding device and main piston to move up and down, back and forth. That will press the material inside of the mould into green-brick. Then the dome brick device will push the green-brick on the pallet.
3. To produce concrete bricks, that need adopt advanced scientific formula and equipment process strengthening treatment for granularity, temperature and mixing degree, so that the material achieve the best state for forming. After high-pressure forming, the green-brick will hardening rapidly. The more time, the better for solid. The bricks have good commodity. When building a wall, that’s no need to be socked, and the appearance is neat.

Main technical parameters of DS10-15 brick making machinery:

Parameter Name Parameter values
The largest machine dimensions 7200×2290×3100(L×W×H)(mm)
Rated pressure of hydraulic system 21Mpa
Main vibration form All vibration molded desk
Vibration frequency 50~70Hz
Vibration acceleration 10-15g
To adapt to the high brick 50-200mm
Pallet size Bamboo 1070×840×40 (mm)
Molding cycle 15s
Machine power 36.8kw
Machine weight 14.8t

Main product specifications and production of each plate:
Model Block Specifications (mm) Forming number
Molding cycle
(pcs) (8 hours)
DS10-15 390×190×190 (brick) 10 15 19200
240×115×90 (brick) 24 15 46080
240×115×53 (standard brick) 48 15 92160
This series of 150-650 tons of products with different specifications.
Brick shaped mold can be produced according to user needs.

Production conditions:
Production sites
Venues 15-20acres
Operate camp 60
Raw space 300
Office space 30
Other conditions Staff 10-15people
Distribution 40kw
Water 10T/day

(Parameter is changed without prior notice.)

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