DSL Block Making Production Line
  • DSL Block Making Production Line

DSL Block Making Production Line

DSL Concrete block making production line is fully automatic line for block, brick, and paver making machine (from material batching, block making, moulding, packing).

DSL Block Making Production Line Features and Benefits :

Brief introduction:


Concrete block making line is fully automatic line for block, brick, and paver making machine (from material batching, block making, moulding, packing):
1.Area need for this line is about 10, 000 square meters;
2. Need around 5 people to operate;
3. Fully automatic block making machine line consists of automatic batching and mixing system, forming system, automatic conveying system, pallets feeding system, and central integrated control system;
4. It is in highly automatic of the procedures. The material feeding, mixing, conveying, moulding and stacking can be carried out automatically. It is among the most reliable and most advanced models of DASION.


Technical features:

1. Modularized Production Line: Base on DS series block making machines as main machine. It can form production line with single or double main machines.
2. Advanced Technology: Adopt advanced technology, combine with ten years experiences, developing and innovating.
3. Advanced Performance: Widely used, steady and reliable quality, convenient to operate and maintain.
4. Intellective Integration Control System: Through network or center assemble line to transmit data, Monitor And Control every part with quick, accuracy, real time characteristic, fault alarm, can finish telenet visit, make the manufacture factories easy to adjust program, set the parameter, amend and upgrade system.
5. Top Brand Parts and Components: Adopt the international famous Mitsubishi PLC and transducer, Omron sensor, guarantee the dependability and stability of the whole production line to operate continuously with two shifts one day.
6. Production Capacity depends on the main machine the line equipped.

Working principle of Brick Making Line:


1. Principle of vibratory compaction: The material grain, under the function of excitation force, will take Intense exercise on the direction of vibration. This kind of exercise will fill up the gap among the different material.


2. Principle of hydraulic system: The system will converts the electric energy into hydraulic energy, the various component of hydraulic system will drive the material feeding device and main piston to move up and down, back and forth. That will press the material inside of the mould into green-brick. Then the dome brick device will push the green-brick on the pallet.


3. To produce concrete bricks, that need adopt advanced scientific formula and equipment process strengthening treatment for granularity, temperature and mixing degree, so that the material achieve the best state for forming. After high-pressure forming, the green-brick will hardening rapidly. The more time, the better for solid. The bricks have good commodity. When building a wall, that’s no need to be socked, and the appearance is neat.


4. Production process: Material batching and feeding, to Concrete mixing, to Belt conveyor, to Brick making machine, (to Stacker), to Conserve, to Finished products, to Leave factory


Compulsion Type Concrete Mixer
Block Making Machine
Hydraulic Unit
Conveyor Belt I
Pallets Feeder
Blocks Conveyor
PLC Control Unit
Auto. Color Feeding System
Conveyor Belt II
Pigment Mixer
Blocks Stacker
Manual Hydraulic Forklift
Bamboo Pallets
   1. If customer doesn't produce colored layered paving stone, then Auto Color Feeding System (NO.9-11) can be deducted.
2. All kinds of moulds can be produced by customer's drawings.

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